Forget about whether your religion is true or not — is it useful?

Arguing over belief systems is a dangerous, childish game. Some might say that it misses the entire point of the religious path. Instead, perhaps you could consider what your belief system is actually doing for you?

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Everybody wants to prove that their faith is the correct one

Yet, whether any of these things are true or not is irrelevant. Even if you could verify that your God exists, or that science is the ultimate resource, you are still in pain and you are still going to die. Shit still happens.

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David LaChapelle’s recreation of the last supper.

If someone believes in a God that rules over everything, whether that God is ‘true’ or not is irrelevant.

What matters is how the belief in that God affects the life and mind of the believer. This faith in a higher God can create a focus beyond the individual ego. It can help a person transcend selfish desire. A practitioner can see everyone as a child of that God. They can learn to revere each person or creature they meet as a reflection of their God. At the time of death, their belief can provide comfort and solace. Truw or not, this comfort can help maintain a peaceful state of mind as one leaves the body. Who would doubt that such a view, can have such positive potential?

Taking religion as an end in itself rather than a technique can have other issues too.

In Buddhism, people often read the teachings of the Buddha and see a lot of contradictions in what he is saying. Without understanding, it is easy to see it as a flaw in his teaching. People seek out some underlying message that the Buddha is preaching. Yet, the Buddha did not have such a message. He did not have a belief system that he was trying to push onto people.

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Despite his strength, Andrea was determined to keep Randall locked in the basement

We can often become so focused on what is real that we miss the only thing has any actual meaning — cause and effect.

The question of whether God exists or not has no meaning until we start to think about how that belief is affecting us. To where is it leading us? What effect is it having on our minds and the minds of others? We must put down our obsession with truth. Instead, what will happen if we embrace the puzzle of cause and effect? Might we realise that any religion or belief system has no meaning in itself? Might we realise that nothing is true in itself but only part of an ongoing process? Might we realise that the value of any practice is not in whether it is real, but in what the outcome of that practice is in our very lives, right here and now?

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