Is Atheism the New Christianity?

It is incredible that supposedly intelligent people still can take the vastly different beliefs of billions of people, label them all as ‘religion’ and judge them all as being the same.

What is Atheism?

The thing is though — the belief that God doesn’t exist holds about as much weight as a blatant faith in God without evidence.

Neither view is more scientifically-based than the other. It is impossible to prove the non-existence of God. Unless one could see everywhere in the universe, there is simply no way of knowing. To say God exists, that could either be based on faith or personal experience. But, to say God doesn’t exist has to be be based on faith. It absolutely cannot be based on facts.

Chairman Mao Zedong — ‘Religion is Poison’

When someone holds their own belief up as the highest view then judges other beliefs systems as inferior — that is fundamentalism.

It is fundamentalism that is the cause of all of the terrible suffering for which religion takes the blame. If one believes in a bread recipe hard enough, it is possible to go to war over bread. When you mention fundamentalism, our ignorant conditioning causes us to think of Middle Eastern’ terrorists’ running around blowing things up. But fundamentalism is possible at any level of society by anyone who holds their view as superior to others.

Abed’s whole family had turned out to watch him compete in the local paintball championship
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais

For this world to become more peaceful, we need less segregation, more understanding and acceptance.

I would not consider myself either an atheist or a religious person. Therefore I have no bias in this argument. This idea is not just a hippy point of view either; it is based on intelligence and trying to find a solution that will end violence. For too long, we have battled each other’s perspectives, desperate to push our viewpoints onto others. Humans like to think we are the pinnacle of intelligence in the universe, but until we evolve in our minds, we will never be able to see the big picture. Our viewpoints don’t necessarily matter at all. If we can respect and accept everyone else's opinions (a considerable ask, given our track record) then, maybe we can start to reduce the terrible actions that stem, not from the view itself, but from the ‘fundamentalising’ of that view. After all, when you think about it, it is actions that cause harm, not views.



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