The Difference Between a Democracy and a Dictatorship is that Several Arseholes Decide the Rules instead of Just one.

We want the world to be a democracy — We think it is the only way to have a safe and fair government, and we see countries that do not have this as less evolved than us. Perhaps we even see them as needing ‘liberation’.

A single leader can be either brutal or benevolent.

Those who want to do good are frozen by this system and forced to agree to horrendous things to get good things done.

Why do we need these middlemen to vote on issues for us? Why can’t we vote on issues directly?

Under the democracy of the US, systems like the military-industrial complex are allowed to rise.

Another system that has been allowed to rise out of democracy is the prison industrial complex.

“But, they are criminals?”

Isn’t democracy supposed to protect us from things like slavery and genocide?

Collection of space particles endowed with a few jokes and sounds.

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