We have nothing to fear from Artificial Intelligence

I made a conscious decision never to watch Terminator 3 or 4 or 5 or….well, you get the picture.

Bad news, they are out of pineapple

I doubt that anyone reading this will be thinking — ‘well you missed out’.

These day things are different.

Musk can send a man into space but he doesn't know how to inhale — thank goodness

But before you grab your shotgun and head for the mountains, we need to understand something else.

People like Chubbs may never have to suffer again

Is it possible that what begins as a medical solution, may end up becoming a cosmetic solution?

Aas’ abaat a bionic ear then eh?

Imagine that just as you have to update your phone right now, you have to update your body instead.

China is leading the race in AI research

One bizarre thing to think about is how much of our bodies can be replaced without us losing our sentience?

Collection of space particles endowed with a few jokes and sounds.

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