When it comes to Dating, Transparency is the Law of Success.

Ok, so I’m not single. I’ve been with my ideal partner for several years now but it didn’t come about by accident.

Chad finally agreed that the ‘fart and stare’ game was both romantic and fun.

When somebody creates their dating profile, they want to come up with the most attractive version of themselves.

Alaister was relieved to find someone who loved him in spite of his dandruff problem.

Next, your aspirational dating profile makes for you an aspirational date.

A few months later, the weekend rolls around, and your lover asks if you want to go hiking to a beautiful stream in the hills.

You start to become yourself again, and you clash with your aspirational partner because now, six months down the track, you realise how different you are.

I love you Darling but sometimes I wish you would just shut the f**k up.

So how do we avoid A.D.D. from the beginning?

An honest dating profile leads to a genuine date.



Australian author of psychological fiction and short stories.

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